Karl Overman: Birds and more


John Wall, Dennis Yong and I undertook a week long trek into the Snow Mountains of Irian Jaya in November of 1988 with the prime goal being MacGregor’s (then) Bird of Paradise.  Dennis picked up a tough group of porters who were seasoned hunters.  This bird they caught--who knows how--and brought to us in temperate rainforest around 8900 feet.  Other birds did not fare so well.  At an even high elevation, they brought us a Mountain Nightjar with an arrow through it.  A Lorentz’s Whistler met the same fate.  As we walked through alpine grasslands in the basin containing Lake Habbema, we were fortunate to flush a Snow Mountain Quail.  As soon as that bird was airbourne, two spears were heading in its direction (they missed that time).

Blue-gray Robin (Peneothello cyanus)