Karl Overman: Birds and More


Dick Dean  was part of a group of excellent birders that went to the University of Michigan in the late 1970s when our paths would frequently cross in birding Michigan and Ontario.  He was doing graduate work in chemistry at the time and then went on to Berkley to get a doctorate and from their went on to a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.  His work took him around the country but he always kept ties to Michigan thanks to his wife Gaylee being from Midland.

From high school on he always was a keen lacrosse player and that is what lead him to go to Cornell for undergraduate.

Now he calls Marco Island, Florida home which is where I picked up birding with him after a 30 year hiatus.

Each year Dick and his wife Gaylee systematically goes for as many birds as possible in North America. The Alaskan photo shows them in Anchorage after returning from the Pribilofs the previous day.  Alder Flycatcher was a year bird for them at Potter Marsh.


Dick Dean

Modified July 6, 2015