Karl Overman: Birds and More


Doug and I go way back.  We both sang in the junior high church choir at First Presbyterian Church in Flint, Michigan when we discovered we both had a passion for birds. One fringe benefit to the church choir was they sent kids on scholarship to the Westminister  Choir College vocal camp in Denver, Colorado which lead to my first encounter with western bitds in 1963. Doug and I both went to that vocal camp in Denver the following year as well.  On June 9-10, 1962 I spent a weekend at Doug’s family cabin near Barryton, Michigan where we added life birds right (me) and left (Doug), including my 100th life bird, a Golden-winged Warbler. Four thousand plus birds later, that weekend was still one of the highlights of my birding career.  Doug is a meticulous chronicler of the birds of the Lansing, Michigan area and for years compiled state and county birding statistics for Michigan listers until passing that duty on to Scott Jennex in 2008.

Doug McWhirter