Karl Overman: Birds and More


Ernie is no longer with us yet I am struck by how many people I have encountered who say they first got interested in birds through field trips lead by Ernie. For many years Ernie was in charge of field trips for Detroit Audubon and he ran the Detroit Rare Bird Alert before I took over from him. Born in Chile and a life long bachelor, Ernie had few worldly possessions but he always seemed in good spirits, bolstered no doubt by his strong religious faith.  His birding equipment was understandably marginal.  One of Detroit Audubon’s best acts of charity was to buy Ernie a spotting scope in recognition of his years of service to Detroit Audubon. He always wore a suit coat when birding, sometimes even with a tie.  Rouge Park was his birding patch though he loved birding at Pelee and other places easily accessible from Detroit. Every day in the field was a good day to Ernie.  In his 80s  he still walked the miles around Pointe Mouillee.

Ernie Carhart