Karl Overman: Birds and More


James is an up and coming star in the birding world.  The Ohio photo was on the day James had a birding coupe by finding an Audubon’s Warbler at  Magee Marsh.  Think how many thousands of birders have searched through tens of thousands of Yellow-rumped Warblers hoping for an Audubon’s  only to find yet another “Myrtle” Warbler.

As if to prove his efforts at Magee Marsh was not a fluke, a week later at Tawas Point, Michigan he finds yet another Audubon’s Warbler at a time when there are less than 10 accepted records for the bird in Michigan.  Amazing.

The second photo is of James after successfully seeing a January Rufous Hummingbird in Michigan. Note the heat lamp the home owner put out for the wayward hummingbird.

  Michigan at the moment has a good number of top notch birders in their high school and college years.  James, like a seeming majority of the up and coming young birders in Michigan, was home schooled.

James Fox

modified January 12, 2012