Karl Overman: Birds and More


I met John as part of the high powered birding group( John Gee, Al Maley, Robert Ridgely, Ken Berlin John Wall and myself) that in June of 1978  birded Peru with the main target bird being the newly re-discovered White-winged Guan.  I have been fortunate to go with John on a number of subsequent trips--Peru again, Venezuela, The Philippines, Irian Jaya and Poland.  John is superb at organizing birding trips and likes to go after the really difficult birds to get in the world.   For example on one of his trips I didn’t go on, he went with David Sargeant  to Brazil to see the last Spix’s Macaw in the wild.  He is a lawyer who for many years specialized in admiralty law.  Like a growing number of birders, he is heavily into butterflies as well.  He runs the Worldtwitch web site pertaining to news on birding around the world, especially breaking news on the status of endangered species, and recent discoveries besides trip reports to exotic locations.  www.worldtwitch.com

John Wall