Karl Overman: Birds and More


A life long friend.  When I was about to start my sophomore year in college, I contacted Alice Kelley in Bloomfield Hills, about someone I might bird with in the Detroit area.  She suggested Dr. (in chemistry) Joseph Kleiman who was the leading birder in the Detroit area at the time.  On September 2, 1967 I drove from Flint  to his apartment in Royal Oak and we were off birding for the first of many, many birding adventures. We birded the Monroe County shoreline that day and it took me six handwritten pages to detail all we did.

Joe, unlike myself, was a big fan of hawk watches and in that era that meant watching hawks in the fall at Holiday Beach near Amherstburg, Ontario.

In 1983 Joe had to move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana when his employer, Ethyl Corporation, closed down its Detroit operations.  Joe of course fit right in with the birding community in Louisiana, including doing a stint on the state’s record’s committee. 

Joseph Kleiman