Karl Overman: Birds and More


The photos below, except one,  show Scott outside of Michigan but these are atypical--every year he relentlessly pursues his Michigan annual list plus county lists in Michigan and he comes out on top in both categories most of the time.  He now coordinates the compilation of of county, Big Day and other competitive lists for Michigan birders.  He has become a fanatical county lister, much to the chagrin of Steve Santner.

The 2012 shows Scott in full rain gear with his eye on the prize, and quite a prize at that, an elaenia, either North America’s second record of White-crested Elaenia or a Small-billed Elaenia which has not been recorded previously in North America. The exact ID is still being worked out.  that had been found at a distinctly urban park in Chicago. The Ohio photo is at the locale for the first chasable Smith’s Longspurs in a generation for that state.

The 2016 photo has Scott on the Cleveland waterfront as part of the team of Mary Trombley, Lyle Hamilton and myself.  We successfully looked for Black-headed Gull here as part of a fine day trip to Ohio highlighted with a Brambling in Medina County.  In today’s world, a smart phone, as Scott is using here, is a key part of birding equipment both to keep up with what is being seen but also to instantly enter your bird sightings into ebird for the benefit of other birders.


Scott Jennex

modified October 24, 2016