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Eight years ago I wrote: At age 62, my aim in life is to grow up to be like Tex Wells, who at age 89 still walks the miles around the dikes at Point Mouillee and walks through the sand and gravel numerous times a day to get to the point at Whitefish Point.” Well we have lost Tex now. A  World War II vet, graduate of the University of Minnesota, Tex worked on Great Lakes fisheries for the federal government. A perennial pessimist, yet Tex rarely seems to miss much on the Michigan birding scene. He is passionate about his annual Washtenaw County, Monroe County and Michigan lists.  Tex has a great, dry sense of humor.  In his role as a food critic of the local fare in Paradise, Michigan (gateway to Whitefish Point) he once commented that he could read a newspaper through three feet of the local coffee.  That eatery is appropriately out of business now.

The Whitefish Point photo of Tex documents his successful chase of a Common Ground Dove, his second for Michigan, on October 23, 2010.

RIP, Died  August 16, 2018 two days short of his 97th birthday.


LaRue “Tex” Wells

modified August 16, 2018