Karl Overman: Birds and more


I know, I know. The Sanilac County photo  is what the trash option is for on the computer. To paraphrase from Samuel Johnson, the wonder is not that the photo is not done well but that it was done at all. Birding the northern Thumb of Michigan in mid-winter is really low grade birding--the chances of finding gold in the birding sense is remote.  Nonetheless on January 3, 2008 I had this unexpected bird moving south along the Lake Huron shoreline. I managed to get an identifiable photo of the bird thanks to the wonder of modern digital photography with image stabilization and auto focusing and considerable cropping.

The immature Golden Eagle from Ohio was #345 for my Ohio list.  It wintered in a relatively small area of farm country just inside the Sandusky County line.

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

modified Marh 8, 2022