Karl Overman: Birds and more


The  Disney bird popped into view on the edge of the crowds at Frontier Land at Disney World.  I only had my small lens for that shot.

The Grindstone City bird, being on November 17th,  is late for a migrant but I checked the location a week later and could not find it.  I bird a lot in the fall in Michigan and Ontario and find Pine Warblers strangely hard to come by as I am lucky to see 1 or 2 Pine Warblers  in that season whereas in spring it is a bird I expect to see when birding around the 1st of May at migrant traps like Pelee(the bird photogrpahed below was one of five in view at the same time as I was with Steve Pike) and Magee Marsh. Sometimes in fall you see bright males but more often they look more like the Grindstone City bird photographed below, the homeliest of our fall warblers but arguably down right gaudy by European warbler standards.

Pine Warbler  (Setophaga pinus)

modified March 7, 2022