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Summer Tanager is a regular breeding bird in Oak Openings in Ohio just a few miles south of the Michigan border but it is still a rare overshoot in southeastern Michigan.  When James Fox and I went to the Madison Heights Nature Center in suburban Detroit we were just doing general birding.  A birder was just leaving as we arrived so I asked what he had seen.  Summer Tanager headed the list and that definitely perked James and I up.  James found the bird deep in the woods for us.  It stayed relatively high in the canopy.  A nice pick up for Oakland County.

The Warren Dunes bird was a rare breeding bird for Michigan in the southwest corner of the state.

When I bird Central America and northwest South America, I am struck by how often I see this species on its wintering grounds which is extensive.  The Texas bird is an outlier of this as it is defintely a rare winter bird in south Texas.  Actually I found the bird because it was singing, even in January.


Summer Tanager  (Piranga rubra)

modified March 5, 2020