Karl Overman: Birds and More


Christmas Counts have long been a favored birding activity and a key part is that with the intense coverage, unexpected birds are turned up, such as the Eared Grebe at Pointe Mouillee.  It was initially picked out by James Fox. The Muskegon bird is also worth a shout out as the Muskegon Waster Water is the only reliable spot in Michigan for the species and that has been true for decades.

I am intrigued by reservoirs in otherwise areas devoid of lakes which draws me several times a year to western Ohio.  On my April 24, 2020 trip to that region I found the Eared Grebe photographed below.  I called Tom Kemp who is one of the few birders to regularly bird Fulton County Ohio and he got over there and saw it the same day.  The bird stayed for several days it turned out.

Eared Grebe  (Podiceps nigricollis)

Modified May 29, 2020