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The Michigan bird was originally found by Rick Brigham on October 25, 2009.  Western Grebe seems to be annual on the west side of Lake Michigan.  However in almost 40 years of my birding in southeast Michigan, there had never been a chasable Western Grebe until this one.  In the ten years plus since then, there have been a number of chasable Westen Grebes--inevitably on the Lake Michigan shoreline.   Western Grebe is strangely rare in occurrence on Lake Erie given that it breeds as close as Manitoba and Minnesota.

The South Dakota bird was in Lyman County, South Dakota where highway 47 splits a huge marsh loaded with prairie waterbirds.  This is about seven miles north of the major east/west interstate of I-90 yet it is rarely birded.  That is a significant loss for birders cruising across the country.

Western Grebe  (Aechmophorus occidentalis)

Modified July 1, 2020